Welcome to the Copenhagen Biofuels Research Network (COBREN)

Established in January of 2012, COBREN provides a forum for biofuels researchers in the Copenhagen metropolitan area to share their findings, insights and perspectives on this complex and often controversial subject matter. A multi-disciplinary endeavor, COBREN currently includes researchers from the fields of political science, economics, ethics, law and sociology. We welcome input from academics in other fields and from members of the biofuels industry and investment community as well.

COBREN hosts bi-annual meetings for network members here in Copenhagen, which are open to outside participants with advanced registration. Please check the “News & Events” section of this website for time and date information for the next meeting. We will also periodically host international conferences with invited speakers from outside of Denmark. Our first such conference is planned for the fall of 2012. Between meetings, we will use our homepage and list-serve to disseminate scholarly publications and works in progress that we believe materially contribute to our understanding of an element of the biofuels puzzle.

COBREN has been sponsored by the Danish Institute for International Studies, and includes representatives of the University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law, the Danish Technical University, Copenhagen Business School, Copenhagen University, Faculty of Life Sciences, and Roskilde University.

For more information or to inquire about COBREN, please email or join our Linkedin Group to stay updated.
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