Network Coordinators:

Anders Riel Müller


Stefano Ponte
Simon Bolwig
Janus Hansen
Stine Jessen Haakonsson
Laura Nielsen
Helle Munk Ravnborg
Christian Gamborg
Anna Hvid
Mengistu Assefa Wendimu
Festus Boamah
Lasse Folke Henriksen

Network Coordinators

Anders Riel Müller, MSc
PhD Reseacher
Danish Institute for International Studies, Global Economy, Regulation and Development
Roskilde University, Dept. of Society and Globalization
Email: /
Tel: (+45) 3269 88 52 (office); (+45) 4268 7860 (mobile)

Anders Riel Müller holds an MSc in Sociology from Roskilde University in 2003. He has a decade of experience working in the non-profit sector on issues related to renewable energy, climate change and regional planning in Europe, North America and Asia. He is a research fellow at the Institute for Food and Development Policy (FoodFirst) and the Korea Policy Institute. He is a research affiliate at the Nordic Institute for Asian Studies. Anders is conducting research on South Korean large scale overseas land acquistions as a result of volatile global food and energy commodity prices.

COBREN Research Themes: Socio-Economic, Sustainability & Trade


Stefano Ponte, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies
Professor of International Political Economy, Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School

Stefano Ponte is a political economist with degrees from the University of Chicago (MA, 1994) and the University of East Anglia (PhD, 1999). He has been with the Danish Institute for International Studies since its inception in 2003 and in 2012 has joined the Department of Business and Politics, Copenhagen Business School. He carries out research on the changing global economy, global value chains in the agro-food sector, ethical trade and consumption, and standards and sustainability certifications. He is currently working on the global biofuel value chain and network and on biofuel sustainability initiatives.

COBREN Research Themes: Trade & Sustainability

Simon Bolwig, PhD
Senior Researcher
Technical University of Denmark
Dept. of Management Engineering, Climate Unit, Systems Analysis Division
Tel: (+45) 21 32 79 25
Web page:

Simon Bolwig received a PhD in Geography from the University of Copenhagen in 1999. He has previously worked for the Danish Institute for International Studies (2004-2009), and the International Food Policy Research Institute (2000-2004). His current biofuels research focuses on sustainability standards, value chains, technological innovations, and socio-economic impacts of waste-based biofuels in Ghana.

COBREN Research themes: Socio-Economic, Sustainability & Trade

Janus Hansen, Ph.D
Associate Professor
Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Business & Politics
Tel: (+45) 38 15 35 46

Janus Hansen is trained as a sociologist from the University of Copenhagen (MSc 2000) and holds a Ph.D. from the European University Institute in Florence (2005). He has been at CBS since 2006, first as an Assistant Professor and then, beginning in May of 2011, as an Associate Professor. Being a sociologist with a general interest in the interplay between science, politics and different kinds of public debate, his interests in biofuels pertains to: a) the dynamics of the social controversies surrounding the biofuel trajectory and, b) the empistemic underpinnings of the governance of biofuels.

COBREN Research Themes: Socio- Economic & Ethical

Stine Jessen Haakonsson, Ph.D.
Assistant Professor
Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Business & Politics
Tel: (+45) 38 15 31 24

Stine Jessen Haakonsson received a PhD in Economic Geography from the University of Copenhagen in 2008. She also holds Masters degrees in Socio-Economic Geography and Political Economy from the University of Copenhagen and University of Sussex, respectively. Her current research focuses on global innovation networks in the bio-tech and agro industries.

COBREN Research Themes: Trade, Sustainability & Socio-Economic

Laura Nielsen, Ph.D.
Associate Professor of WTO Law
University of Copenhagen, Faculty of Law
Tel: (+45) 35 32 31 62 (office); (+45) 22 33 26 29 (mobile)

Laura Nielsen received a PhD in Laws from the Faculty of Law, University of Copenhagen, in 2005; a Candidata Juris from University of Copenhagen in 2001; and a LL.M in International Trade Law from The University of Arizona in 1999.  Her research on biofuels concerns primarily the trade aspects.  She has published on general trade and climate change issues, and her latest presentation on the topic was “The EU – Brazil Biofuels Belationship: Problems and Opportunities” at the conference “Regional Trade Agreements: The Fragmentation of International Law” in Santo Domingo, The Dominican Republic, May 29, 2010.

COBREN Research Themes: Trade

Helle Munk Ravnborg, Ph.D.
Senior Researcher, Danish Institute for International Studies
Website: and

Helle Munk Ravnborg is a socio-environmental planner from Roskilde University (M.Sc., 1988; Ph.D., 1994). At DIIS, Helle Munk Ravnborg heads the research unit on natural resources, governance and poverty and between 2007 and 2011 she coordinated a cooperative research programme entitled Competing for Water: Understanding conflict and cooperation in local water governance. Her current research interests include local, national and global distributional aspects of ongoing water governance reforms in developing countries in the context of changing water demands.

COBREN Research Themes: Socio-Economic & Sustainability

Christian Gamborg, Ph.D.
Associate Professor, Faculty of Science, Copenhagen University
Tel: +45 3533 1734

Christian Gamborg is an Associate Professor at the University of Copenhagen’s Food and Resource Economics Institute, which is attached to the Danish Centre for Bioethics and Risk Assessment (CeBRA). He received his MSc in natural resource management in 1996 and his PhD in Bioethics in 2001. He has been working primarily on natural resource ethics since 1998. Dr. Gamborg is a member of a multi-disciplinary project supported by the Danish Council for Strategic Research (DSF), titled, “Enabling and governing transitions to a low carbon society,” where he works on a sub-project called, “International and national governance of bioenergy: Trade, environment and integration of energy systems.” The key aim of this sub-project is to identify and analyze the role of law, policy and ethics in promoting new and emerging technologies in order to ensure good and sustainable governance of bioenergy. Dr. Gamborg has published widely on the subject of biofuels; a small sample of his most recent relevant publications is listed on under “Publications” on this site.

COBREN themes: Ethics, Sustainability and Trade

Anna Hvid
PhD Researcher
Technical University of Denmark, Dept. of Management Engineering
Tel: (+45) 46 77 51 36

Anna Hvid received an MSc in Economics from the University of Copenhagen in 2010. In the fall of the same year, she began PhD research at DTU. Her PhD project investigates the potential macroeconomic consequences of increased value of agricultural land and agricultural products in land-abundant developing countries that results from the world’s increasing demand for bioenergy crops. Prior to commencing her PhD studies, Anna served as a research assistant at Risø DTU

COBREN Research Theme: Socio-Economic

Mengistu Assefa Wendimu, MSc
PhD Researcher
Danish Institute for International Studies
University of Copenhagen, Institute of Food and Resource Economics
Email: mas (at),
Tel: (+45) 52 73 62 37

Mengistu Assefa Wendimu holds an MSc in Environmental Economics and Natural Resources Management from Wageningen University in the Netherlands and a second MSc in Agricultural Development from the Faculty of Life Sciences at the University of Copenhagen. From 2003-2006, he worked as a Research Assistant at the Ethiopian Institute of Agricultural Research. Currently, he is interested in exploring the impact of large-scale biofuels production on local people’s access to resources (land and water) and implications for rural communities’ livelihoods.

COBREN Research Themes: Socio- Economic

Festus Boamah, MPhil
PhD Researcher
University of Bergen, Department of Geography
Tel: (+47) 55 95 90 00

PhD Candidate from the Department of Geography, University of Bergen (Norway). He has already conducted (MPhil) research on the food security impacts of biofuels investments in Northern Ghana. Currently in his PhD study, he is doing comparative analyses of the food security and livelihood implications of different land contractual agreements for biofuels projects within similar ecological zone of Central and Southern Ghana.

COBREN Research Themes: Socio- Economic

Lasse Folke Henriksen
PhD Fellow
Copenhagen Business School, Dept. of Business & Politics
Tel: (+45) 38 15 35 48

Lasse Folke Henriksen is trained as a sociologist from the University of Copenhagen and is now a Ph.D. Fellow at the Department of Business and
politics, Copenhagen Business School. He is interested in how expert networks influence the dynamics of governance structures. As a central case in his project, he is researching the emergence of an international regulatory regime in the biofuels field.